City living is presented through the eyes of Muhammad Hafiz Azizi and Nicholas Choong in this exhibition, discussing everyday experiences in the city as an individual and as the city itself. In Muhammad Hafiz Azizi's series, the notion that an individual's challenges and daily struggle to make ends meet in a city with high costs … Continue reading Liku-Liku


Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World

SEVEN DAYS IN THE ART WORLD By Sarah Thornton Illustrated. 274 pp. W. W. Norton & Company Amazon link: Seven Days in the Art World Goodreads link: Seven Days in the Art World Sarah Thornton narrates her experience in pursuit of understanding each component of the art world, categorising this "symbolic economy" into 7 segments - The … Continue reading Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World

Process – of existence, transition and realism

Process consists of four promising young artists: Liu Ling, Justin Lim, Tracy Tan, and Alessia Levonique Candra. In this body of works, the artists explore the process of painting and art-making whereby they set out from different distinct paths but converge to the same destination and yet retain their unique visual style. The celebration of reality … Continue reading Process – of existence, transition and realism


Taking a perspective of the traditional Sanskrit culture, Pancaroba carries a direct translation of “five changes”. Over continuous use, this evolved to the meaning of change and the shifting times. 6 months ago, Tomi and Sofia stepped into the realm of uncertainty, leaving behind the comfort of their studios and work spaces, to challenge themselves … Continue reading Pancaroba


A path may be chosen, but the experience is never predictable, nor can it be planned. The journey each person goes through is as good as what they see it to be. A challenging situation could be seen either as a set-back, or an opportunity; a successful outcome could be seen as an entitlement or … Continue reading Journey