The Gem a-"Peel"

10 feet wide, a couple more deep. too small for 50 men? Well, maybe … but damn near perfect for a jazz trio to float their notes into all corners of the room!

From the moment you walk in (let’s imagine you are able to find a seat), the warmth of the stand-up bass floods right through you. Sufficiently dingy, sufficiently friendly – it is the perfect place for a date where you’re both comfortable enough to not talk and just enjoy the music. Guaranteed to leave you smiling (the only bitter taste is the cover charge on weekends).

The friendly Latino Jazz night with Azucar Latina (Chris Poland, Ceito, Jordie Gunman) included some popular tunes like ‘Take The A Train’ and a rendition of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’, amongst many other amazing songs.

A date with Azucar Latina looks like this:


It doesn’t get any friendlier than an evening at Peel Fresco, where the crowd picks up after 10pm, dancing and swaying to tempo latino, leaving no room for even wallflowers.

Peel Fresco Music Lounge
Phone: +852 2540 2046
49 Peel St., Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: daily 5pm-5am


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