Open Minds Opened Eyes

Great artists aren’t always famous and celebrated. Often, when you least expect it, you might stumble upon one, if you just open up your mind, heart and most importantly, eyes. Remove the preconceptions and definitions that the world seems to be so engrossed in; and you will find an artist even in this Youth Outreach Centre in Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.

He looks 10 years in age and is deeply engrossed in his painting. It is likely that this is his past time on a Monday afternoon after school, and probably on many other days too, as there are many of his works hung on the window display.

It was a pleasant sight to see that, without formal colour mixing on his pallet, he was still able to blend and apply the paint as he felt was right. There were no reference pictures from where he drew his subject – every shade of grey, blue on grey, red on grey, brown on grey that he painted was off instincts, without cross referencing with anything or anyone.

Unfortunately these pictures were taken as though it was from a spy-cam; as we felt it may be intrusive to ask him for a picture. Besides, artists usually like to work uninterrupted!

This brings us back to the idea of the simple creative things in life – they don’t need to be complex, and overly thought through. And often, they are all around us, if we open our minds, hearts, and eyes.


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