A Stellar Asia Contemporary Art Show 2012

The Art show (5-7 Oct) definitely lived up to its name, and was everything contemporary, and more. The galleries brought to the Hong Kong public a refreshing spread of talents from all over the region. Reflected images on glass (as I call it) , 3D crafted “pictures”, Collage of actual carved wood with oil painting, and ideas about the past, current and future, and everything in between.

I had lost count of the number of galleries we visited but I’d like to think that we had covered at least 50 out of 60 galleries between three floors. I was certainly overwhelmed with ideas, dizzy with thoughts, and my imagination ran wild that afternoon.

Two hours – was NOT enough to get answers to our questions, or to remember everything we saw. I thought that it was clever for the hotel to utilise the hotel rooms as “gallery rooms”; but found it a bit strange to see all the pieces displayed on the beds, sofas, even the bathroom!

One of our favourite pieces is Zhang Wen Rong’s “Asking for Direction’ – houses on clouds being toiled by livestock, like toiling away your life to ensure you literally have a roof over your head. is what we have all entrenched ourselves in. If you haven’t, you are either not Asian, or are wealthy enough to worry about other things! The Artist cleverly captures the perspective of the misty clouds, but a solid concrete house being tolled by a herd of lamb.

The dreamlike colours and textures gives the painting that surreal touch – is this reality ? how did this happen? – it made me wonder, maybe this (how we live our lives) is not real!

Another favourite was “You are not alone”. About a million (it was probably about 100 to be honest) little people are drawn individually, each clothed differently albeit simply, facing different directions, all in one place. At a glance these are just people on a canvas. Put yourself in that canvas and you realise we do live in a place like that. You are one of 3 billion people. In Hong Kong, you are one of 7 million, and in Kong Island, you are one of 2 million people walking the streets each day. You are a midst people all the time, and everyone is like you, even though you think you are alone.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show 2012 was definitely an inspiring event, we are already looking forward to the show in May 2013! With new artists, new ideas and new methods, we hope to be bring more information about this new breed of talents!

Congratulations, ACAS 2012!

Please visit http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com for more information about the next Art Show in 2013.


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