Shaolin Fez at Fringe


On the eve of Chung Yang Festival, we checked out Shaolin Fez at the HK Fringe Club. Playing to a full house of what looked like mostly friends of the 13 piece band, we were treated to an interesting mini concert which began with the famous James Bond theme, followed by Gold Finger before introducing materials from the newly launched album. 

Shaolin Fez unites east with west, new with old. Through Arabian Nights, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite extract is performed in a current flavour. Through Fukushima, haunting oriental style melodies fill the background to the words of survival and strength, and the song about meditation of love was a strange mix of what you would hear in buddhabar tracks, with bjork’s style melodies but the voice of Jennifer Palor (the singer for SF). 

I was very captivated by the style of the material, and even more so by some of the musicians – particularly the violinist and the guitarist.


Unfortunately with that being said, it also means that the mini orchestral performance as a whole was not as impressive live, compared to on their music video. Well, we hope that their second show of the night went smoother.

A promising start for SF – great ensemble and tunes, definitely worthy as movie soundtracks too – i could picture all sorts of scenes in my mind as the music played on!

Check out their works on vimeo – i was hooked on these tracks all afternoon, playing them on loop for hours! :  Shaolin Fez on vimeo

Support Shaolin Fez by purchasing their album–– this will help them achieve their target sales to get signed on, and also ensure that we continue to have such creative talents.


One thought on “Shaolin Fez at Fringe

  1. Excellent and accurate review. Flattered that you would take the time to write it. We hope you can make it to our next show, Thursday March 21st, 8pm, at Grappa’s Cellar, Jardine House, Central. “LIVE AND LET DIE: the Music of James Bond, Mission Impossible, and more … ” We will be expanding the 13-song set from the Fringe show to 21. Ginger Kwan will be appearing as a guest, singing Tina Turner’s “Goldeneye” (Bono/The Edge), and “Nobody Does it Better”. Please see our Facebook or website pages for details. Cheers!


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