TWO ACAS in 2013! TWO!


Following a successful show in October 2012, the Asia Contemporary Art Show will be hosting TWO more events in 2013!

 Come 23 May 2013 and 3rd October 2013, art lovers will have the opportunity over four days, to explore and enjoy another spell binding exhibition by the hundreds of galleries set to showcase at the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong.

 We are hoping that more South East Asian Galleries will be in town to bring a wider range of Asian art to the table (so to speak). Almost every gallery at ACAS 2012 featured Chinese Contemporary Art. Although quite rightfully representing the country’s position as a heavyweight even in the Art world, it would be much more holistic and interesting to see more art works from India and South East Asia.

 A grand total of 8 South East Asian galleries from Singapore (6),   Philippines (1) and Thailand (1) exhibited. And even so, many of the Singapore based galleries were also featuring Chinese contemporary art. I hope to see Malaysian and Indonesian galleries and art work at ACA in 2013 – these two countries after all have the most amazing local collection and a big pool of artistic talent amongst its neighbors.

 Our experience in ACAS 2012 was overwhelming – more than 80 galleries over 4 days. We allocated only 3 hours for the entire walk through on the last day of the show, and regretted this badly.  On average I believe we spent about 5 minutes in each gallery, some we totally skipped (lack of quality and substance) and some we wished we could spend more time at, and some we definitely spent too much time at.

 So be prepared this coming ACAS – come with your mind as open as a blank canvas, camera batteries charged up and if you are ready, your cheque book!


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