What's Brewing?


Not all artists are creative, and not all creative people are artists. I have heard and been in so many conversations where a passing remark is made about “oh I am not that creative, I can’t draw”. And I think to myself – it is not that you are not creative; it is that you are ignorant.

 I have seen so many “art” that are copy cats of another or are not original, but claim to be “inspired by” another artist.

 I have also seen industrial engineers come up with insanely (original) gorgeous furniture.

 The term “Creative Accounting” arose because the most boring profession in the world thought they would try something new.

 Doctors need to come up with ways to treat patients. They need to think out of the box. Look at Dr. House.


What is creativity?

 It is all around us.

 Creativity is about new ideas and pushing boundaries. Who says that you need to be artsy to do that?

The founders of the internet were not artsy people. They were military people.

The designers and creators of cars, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, applications, are engineers and scientists.

And by the way, anybody knows who made the first four legged chair?

 Come to think of it, creativity came from the word create, and the person who creates is a creator.

No reference is being made about the word art or artist, or drawing or painting?

 Though I must admit, the creator would somehow need to explain his idea, and structure his thoughts to himself, and it is usually by drawing/sketching.

What about Creativity and Innovation?

A product like SkullCandy.

An electric car when it was first designed (Tesla?)

The cup with the cookie slot (I’m sure you would have seen that!)

Umbrella on a hat! (which the Japanese have made popular)

And God forbid we forget about the Apple family!


So teaching someone about creativity is not about art. It is about mindset. I can imagine a classroom full of people chanting the words “How, Why, What” all day. Everywhere they go; they will question and think, and wonder. The motto that so many organizations use – I CAN – is crucial to the concept of creativity. You can’t be creative if you are a follower, or you are just going through the motions. You can be creative if you allow your mind to wander and if you are open to new ideas.

 Therefore, drawing is not an essential tool to be creative. And you don’t have to be an artist. You just need to have a positive attitude.


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