Tim's Hiding In The Basement

We see them often enough – probably every weekend? Maybe even on weekdays if you’re one of those lucky ones.

Girls and guys alike wink, smile and charm their way through just to have things their way. All everyone wants is just to have their senses tingled. When done, we part ways over the till and leave with a grin.

Though, more often than not, we take them for granted. So here’s me paying credit to where it’s due.

His name is Timothee Becqueriaux (yes, you can surely call him Tim) and he either shakes it or stirs it for you at Le Boudoir (65 Wyndham St, HK). Now I’ve had few cocktails in my time, and whilst I won’t say the mixes he plants on the bar is flashy or contemporary by any measure – it sure is properly honest and old fashioned. Just the way we love it.

Don’t expect cheap frozen cocktails, chocolate martinis (nothing wrong with them) or strawberry daiquiris. Bottles won’t be tossed and flames won’t fly. Instead, brace yourself for cocktails like how they were meant to be made and drunk. Strong, harmonious, balanced. Made carefully and passionately (with a moustachey smile). We had the Courtisane, “Porn Star”, Red Express, Chagreen and two he made on the fly. All were individual, special and certainly left a positive impression.

3-IMG_0334 7-IMG_0371.CR2 4-IMG_0350

Mixologists don’t just shake or stir at your whim. A lot of accuracy goes into preparing a drink that leaves you asking for more. In-depth understanding of flavours brings a world of difference to that drink you’ve just tucked away 3 times – in the span of last hour. There’s surely a reason why cordial instead of fresh juice is used for some cocktails, and why certain liquors only go with certain other ingredients. Whilst some ‘guidelines’ exist, guessing and catering to a patron’s palate is certainly a form of art. An art that Tim has nailed square on. That is why we took his picture:

Tim in the basement
Tim in the basement

If the ambience in Le Boudoir isn’t interesting enough, maybe the menu would be. The Courtisane does “Tipping toes with champagne” and lures you to “enjoy this sip through this dance of your tongue”; how about “a beautiful sunset drink” in the Melopee; or something “red like blood, red like Le Boudoir’s velvet” in the Red Pearl; or taking a trip as good as “A time travelling experience transporting you to the old days” in the Verlaine?; “Poland meets asia” in Gingeroska; “Be fresh. Be Sour” With Onsen blues.

There is also an “old fashioned list” of Boudoirs bourbon and tequila!

We have many choices in life. Tim’s the perfect example. He grew up in Hong Kong and spent years studying back in Paris. Anywhere in Europe or Asia is a viable option for a skillful mixologist like him. Heck, with that smile, he can be anywhere besides the bar. But we are very thankful that he is here.

1-IMG_0361-001 1-IMG_0321 1-IMG_0322

All in all, Le Boudoir is an uber chic bar planted deep in the basement of Hong Kong’s get-drunk district. The bartender, the owners, the decor – is as French as it gets in Hong Kong. Take some time out and just enjoy the vibe this joint has to offer. We also heard live music will soon be introduced … if this isn’t French-sexy, we really don’t know what is.



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