The Artchemist

Before reading about our featured creative and inspirer, please take a moment to have a look at this clip: 

Here, we share with you the story of Damon Yeoh. He is the guy serenading you with his captivating voice, and he is also someone who has helped many people realize their dreams of singing from their heart and soul.

Damon would live on music and air if he had his way. Learning a musical instrument was an extracurricular activity most children in Singapore had to go through, but for Damon it was not just about passing the exams and obtaining the certificates; neither was it about being able to include “music” as a hobby or achievement in your resume. It was for the love of music in itself. He was not only an active choir member in elementary and secondary school, but also went on to lead the choir into local and international festivals.

Damon knew that music was his way of life. And he pursued this after completing his university education. He set up a school.

Artchemist (inspired by Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist) is built on hopes, dreams, and is a mission with a vision, by musicians for aspiring musicians. The school was found in 2006 by Damon and his buddy Jones, an artiste whose 2005 album made him a popular household name. Together they developed program structures for the classes, performed at events, judged competitions, and taught. The concept of Artchemist is not only about teaching music, but also about enabling students to experience the world of music. The school organizes events to provide real performance opportunities for students, grooming them to become musicians as well as artistes.

Damon recalls one of the truly memorable achievements when his student Peace 张诒博 won the 2010 Astro singing competition in Malaysia. After the announcement of the champion, Peace said “Thank you to my teacher for his guidance and for helping me to get here”. Damon said, “The sense of achievement and pride I had for him was so overwhelming that no money in the world could buy that feeling”. Damon shared about the hard work they put through to ensure 诒博would deliver his best. There came a point where it was not just about running a school, but it was about helping a friend achieve his best. And there were no limits to how he could help as a teacher and friend.

That’s the beauty of Artchemist. The frequent get-togethers, activities, and open house each year creates a familial environment. Everybody is welcomed to be part of their community where it is all about the music.

We got Damon to share his thoughts…
Message to people out there:
“If you appreciate music, pay for it…”

Message to aspiring artists:
“Don’t lose faith. Imagine a day without music”

It is true that when you do what you love, you do it best. It is evident from Damon’s life that music is his love and life, and music is what he does best.

“Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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