ArtWalk Highlights

Hollywood Road was buzzing with excitement despite a worrying start in the early evening when rain was pouring down in Central Hong Kong. Gallery hopping during ArtWalk is so much more fun compared to our regular visits to the galleries. For one thing, there were a lot more light-hearted people who came to find out more about art and to unwind in the evening while enjoying some drinks and snacks. It sure is also a great way to mingle around, to meet like minded individuals in a less rigid environment compared to art fairs and auctions.

Four to five hours would have been an ambitious feat to go through all the galleries in entire Hong Kong! Although the shuttle bus service was a great facility, but there just wasn’t enough time to go to Aberdeen, Wan Chai or Chai Wan.

Here are some highlights of the night that we must ABSOLUTely share with our readers:

Galeri Du Monde

Dick Lai Chun Ling’s Absolut Drinking, Absolut Drawing: 

Extra 2 Dick Lai

EXTRA Sculpture1-IMG_7882

Amazing detailed application by Stephen Wong:


As usual, Opera Gallery’s amazing collections were on display in the four levels of prized art works. Here are the special ones which we absolutely love. Opera Gallery 

The very creative Lam Yau-Sum has converted modern day unused chip boards into art works, reminding us of the changes we are going through in the name of development.

Grotto Fine Art

SOCO’s representation in the ArtWalk 2013 proudly features “Home, Street Home” which highlights the perils of the poor in need and the homeless people struggling in Hong Kong.


ArtWalk 2013 was a great evening bringing art and community together. May there be more to come.

Share with us your experience at ArtWalk 2013 by leaving us your comments below!


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