Collaborative Workspaces in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the densely populated and expensive city has had to rethink the business of entrepreneurship. Some are addressing the issue of costs and space in a creative manner. In pursuit of living their entrepreneurial dreams, they are forging new community ties, bridging the gap between consumer and business owners and cultivating a new work culture and environment.


Shared spaces are the latest fad now. Being a business owner is the new “in” thing. Having a mobile office makes you hip. No one would dare say that you are less than the trendy trooper trying to live your dreams. Yes the Generation X and Y has found their path and are working to pave it in gold. In these shared spaces you will find the Creative, the Techies and the Yuppies. And they don’t only share work spaces, they also share ideas, and that common goal to succeed.

Collaborative Workspaces in Hong Kong

The Hive, Cocoon, The Good Lab, to name a few, are more than facility providers. They have taken things one step further in order to cater to the young and dynamic. Events have become the basic must have of collaborative work space. The ability to provide an effective platform for the budding entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, promote and market themselves.

So if you are in search of a bright idea, or if you have and you are the next bright idea, find out how you can turn that flashing bulb into a working light.

View a full list of collaborative workspaces, with summaries of their offerings.

Collaborative Workspaces in Hong Kong.


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