Meng Yan: MY DEAR

Opposite Realm  彼岸  2012  100 x 90 cm  Oil on Canvas
Opposite Realm
100 x 90 cm
Oil on Canvas

Meng Yan Solo Exhibition

Exhibition: 15 November – 5 December 2013

In MY DEAR, be enchanted by the fairytale like paintings immortalizing childhood innocence.

Remove your judgements about what is possible and not; bring your mind back to the time you were five years old, looking at a picture which does not seem like reality, whilst not knowing it doesn’t exist.

Meng Yan combines a child’s naivety and purity with traditional Chinese elements of wide lotus leaves, flourishing peonies, and majestic phoenixes.

These trademarks of a typical Chinese New Year illustration reminds us of how good fortune and prosperity is depicted in the Chinese culture.

Perhaps, the pairing of innocence and wealth symbolizes the precious moments of childhood, that it is to be cherished and not taken for granted of.

I Will Find You 我要找到你  2012  100 x 90 cm  Oil on Canvas
I Will Find You
100 x 90 cm
Oil on Canvas

Vibrant colours, chubby children, carefree expressions and dream like backgrounds captures happiness and vigour into Meng Yan’s paintings, and also demonstrates her pursuit of purity, optimism, liveliness and freedom.

Born in Shandong in 1982, Meng Yan obtained both undergraduate and master degrees in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. After completing her graduate school study in 2010, Meng Yan decided to return to her birthplace to further pursue her artistic career.

She is one of the up-and-coming contemporary artists from China, and her works are visually stunning and vibrant. By presenting a sense of harmoniousness, Meng Yan paints an indelible mark on people’s hearts.

120 x 120 cm
Oil on Canvas

EC Gallery

G/F, 72a Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

T: (852) 2519 6178


Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30am – 7pm; Sunday 1 – 7pm; Close on Monday and Public Holidays


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