Jef Cablog

Cordilleras (Northern Luzon, Philippines) artist Jef Cablog gives a new perspective to the tribal, indigenous and nature of his homeland through his elaborate and expressive works. Giving the exotic world of the Luzon highlands a story on canvas, Cablog links the faraway and hidden culture of tribal life to the modern material world.


The focus on every minute detail of the pieces allows you to enjoy his work section by section and be intrigued by his application and technique.

Appreciating his work is to take time to dwell on the piece area by area, gradually peeling off each layer, unfolding more intricacies to the painting and finding something new which went unnoticed before.


Almost dream-like, Cablog bridges mythicism of the forests and nature with reality, giving the truth of nature a tint of fairytale like colours, blurriness and surrealism.
With a range of exhibitions and showcases under his belt, Jef continues to mesmerise the art world and expands his horizons to the wider audiences internationally.

Jef is represented by Francesca Mega Galerie and will be at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong from 20th March 2014 onwards.

Images are courtesy of Francesca Mega Galerie.


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