CaR Picks #2 – Dream of Light #15 (Zaim Darulaman)



“Inspired by the famous poem of Sheikh Hamzah Fansuri, Syair Perahu, I aim to manifest the space in the four corners of the white canvas with my seasoned and weary sampan. All in the hope of stirring up emotion, or perhaps my imaginations intoxicate myself and force others to agree with me?

For me, the journey is still far, there is much I must learn, explore, and experiment. Paintings do not contain words, but a composition can be vivid with just a stroke of a brush on canvas. Each artist has his/her own visual vocabulary and grammar. Perahu(boat) for me is a metaphor for journey, life. It may be just means of transportation for others, God only knows.”

Year Created: 2007

Spotted in

#TheArtGallery II: Zaim Durulaman.


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