CaR Picks #3 – Remembering (Naddia Zakaria)

“This artwork is about remembering the past of a person i used to know, who i was. Deep inside the person i used to be, sank into my fantasy. That person has led me to present reality of who i am now.” ~ Naddia Zakaria

Remembering Oil on Paper 52cm x 38cm 2013
Oil on Paper
52cm x 38cm

Naddia Zakaria is an avid painter with formal education in Information Technology. A project manager by profession, she however cannot be separated from her passion for painting. Painting is a medium for her to weave the facets of life’s occurrences into fascinating abstract on canvas.

She is always interested in capturing events at every juncture of her life through her own personal accounts as well as her close observation of the surroundings. Based on these, she further amalgamates the details by channeling her creativity through the colors and strokes.

Naddia has participated in numerous with joint exhibitions, and is gradually building a following in her work. 

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