YEAH by Azam Aris – Of Herds and (in) Human

The endless repetition of similar images in minute sizes can give the viewers a meditative and hypnotic experience; that is what Azam partly attempts to achieve here – to transform the surface of his paintings into a space for meditation and reflection upon our lives.

Flare 2015 Acrylic on canvas 120 x 152 cm
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 152 cm

Azam’s repeated imagery may express all sorts of meanings and representations related to our daily experiences. Particularly, the reference of Urbanites in coats, neckties and sunglasses prodding along can be easily interpreted with the social phenomenon of homogeneity, uniformity, and the herd mentality in society which has revolved into a state of standardization. In addition, the marred vision by the sunglasses insinuates the need to be invisible and to hide from displaying true personalities. From another perspective, this could also mean that people lack the vision of reality, and are following without really looking and understanding the true situation. The lack of individual creativity and personality may signify the impact modernity and the pursuit of sustenance has on humankind in this era.

YEAH was held at HOM Art Trans, Kuala Lumpur. For further information:

  1. Click for: exhibition pictures
  2. Click for: Artworks
  3. Click for: Angela Hijjas’ opening speech at the Launch

Helmi Azam Tajul Aris hails from Perak, and was born in 1983. He obtained his Diploma in Fine Arts from UiTM, Sri Iskandar, Perak in 2004, before pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in the same field at UiTM Shah Alam in 2007.

Killer On The Road (Storm) 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 156x162cm
Killer On The Road (Storm)
Acrylic on Canvas

Accolades and credentials:


  • Finalist for the 2005 Nokia Art Award
  • Finalist for 2007 Pact Max Malaysian Art Award
  • Consolation Prize, Live Drawing competition organised by National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in 2005.


  • Rimbun Dahan Residency, 1 year, 2012
  • HOM Art Trans 6-month residency programme 2008

Solo shows:

  • Float, HOM Art Trans in 2008.
  • Paranoia, RA Fine Art Gallery  in 2010.

Group exhibitions:

  • Open Show (2002) at the Sri Pinang Gallery in Penang
  • Experimental Video (2005) at the Multimedia Gallery, MMU, Cyberjaya
  • Sonic Cosmic (2006) at the Planetarium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Young & New Part 1 (2008) at HOM Art Trans, Ampang
  • BAD (2010) at MAP@Solaris, Kuala Lumpur
  • Young Contemporaries (2010) at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

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