Aleff Ahmad

‘Top 5 Malaysian Artists to follow on Instagram’ – Aleff Ahmad’s recent accolade by has brought him into the limelight of the Malaysian arts scene. Having completed his undergraduate degree in fine arts at UiTM, Aleff explored the street art scene while continuing to hone his skills in the more conventional fine arts mediums. This personable artist is ever ready for a discussion about art, life and ideas and therefore it is no surprise that his popularity has risen tremendously in the last year!

Aleff AhmadHaving just completed a 3 month residency at the sembilan Art Residency Program, Aleff will be jointly exhibiting with Elena Kravchenko at Unborn x Reborn from 31st Oct – 8th November 2015. Aleff spends some time with us and shares his thoughts about the arts scene in Malaysia – of street art and fine art.

What should we know about you (that isn’t already in your artist profile/biography)? 

I like to tell stories and explain about things that people don’t really notice and care about. I visualize anything that I could understand and absorb information like a sponge and squeeze onto different surface and let it spread. Only dirt/negative stuff that is unnecessary information is left behind without creating an issue about it.

Culture – I love to learn about different cultures, because it is pure and conservative. You couldn’t simply change the most basic thing in any culture but to make it more interesting, it needs a lot of research and it needs to stay pure.

Science – Of course I like science. Because when I was a child, I like to be in the science lab and to wear a lab coat.

Food – Before ventured into fine arts, I was enthusiastic in the culinary arts. It started when I first watched ‘Iron Chef Japan’ on television. Being a master chef is almost my dream.

Temporary Studio in Penang, 2015
Temporary Studio in Penang, 2015

What does art mean to you? 

Art can be in a lot of things, not only specifically in creative industries or just doodling some random drawing next to your coffee cup. It is everywhere and is available at anytime. In other words, it is pervasive and unpredictable.

You work with Street Art and Graffiti, in addition to being a fine art artist. Can you tell us more about your works in these genres? 

For me, street art, graffiti and murals are genres in art. I like to do a lot of experimental works. This is part of my method of work that I find very interesting. Some people say that graffiti vandalizes public spaces. But what if I as a painter, create something that is nice and interactive? It will eventually create positive vibes into these so called graffiti.

Do you have a preference to the types of art (street art/fine art) and why?

I like both, particularly Conor Harrington (Street Artist) and Clayton Brothers (Fine Art). Combining these two art genres can create a sense of controlled chaos (I’m not sure if this word is legit or not) because for street art it needs to be done fast and quickly and fine art requires more in balance, compositions and colours. These are the three principles that I always practice in my artwork.

Sure and Uncertainty Industrial Paint, Spray Paint,  Acrylic on Canvas 100cm x 150cm 2015
Sure and Uncertainty
Industrial Paint, Spray Paint, Acrylic on Canvas
100cm x 150cm

How has your experience been as an artist? 

I not sure if I like calling myself as an artist. Storyteller, maybe. I have experienced a lot of stuff in creative industries such as being a painter, graphic designer and photographer. Every assignment or work is a challenge. That is how I challenge myself to break the limit, to be better day by day. It is really challenging and tough but when you experience the same matters or problems, you will know how to solve it smoothly and in a better way.

We know you as Alef the person who “goes with the flow”. Tell us more about your easy going nature! 

Bonus question! I always like to learn new stuff, to do things that I have never done before. “Goes with the flow” is like learning new things about other people’s way. I think that’s how I get to know people and adapt with other people’s activities. And at the end, I will be like “Oh, that’s interesting!”

If I was not an artist, I would be….

A chef.

What would you advise or like to share with Art enthusiasts and art collectors? 

Let the artist capture the significant story and brag about  it on canvas.

Follow Aleff here:

  • Facebook: or facebook page Aleff : ART
  • Instagram: @a.aleff

For more information about sembilan Art Residency Program, please visit or visit our facebook page.

Exhibition details:

Unborn x Reborn

31 October 2015 – 8 November 2015

Awe Gallery (Next to Awesome Canteen)

19, Jalan 20/13

Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya


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