The Story of Rooms by Anahita Ghazanfari

It takes skill to fill an empty space; it takes soul to turn the space into a room; it takes heart to give the room a story.

Anahita Ghazali’s creation of the Story of Rooms was by intuition, an expression of self and a subconscious reflection of a basic need – comfort. The need to fill a gap of emptiness turned into a series of intimate paintings of rooms decorated with furniture and interiors that seem simple enough to the eye but touches the heart warmly. A connection is bridged by an invisible pull to wonder further about the story of each room.

Acrylic on canvas.100.120cm
Each painting is primed with layers of acrylic, an application that has intensified the richness of colours through this juxtaposition. At this point, the creation of rooms is unpredictable.  The beginning does not precede the final outcome, and there isn’t a hint to what is to become eventually until the connection is built with the emotions emanating from the setting.

As the personality of the room develops, more clarity is given to the space. Anahita dresses the room up passionately with imagination and stories. Each addition is personal, a character born, a reason for being manifests. The humanization of objects is almost surreal, yet relevant in bridging the obvious absence of a person to the simple fact that a room is incomplete without the human touch.

With a perspective that art knows no boundaries in medium, Anahita transfers natural medium into the digital world. Bringing two worlds together, the resultant outcome is one of unexplained familiarity. Mixed-media digital art takes on a new reality in this series. The possibilities are endless in the Stories of Rooms.

Acrylic on canvas-40.60cm

Each room has been painted and created with the ability to capture nostalgic serenity, freezing memories, emotions and warmth to the present. The energy that has left, the feeling that is present and the hope for what could be next has been Anahita’s inspiration in her creations.

These rooms could belong to me, you, her, the woman or man across the floor. It could be anybody’s story. These rooms could be mine. Or it could be yours.

Launch: Sunday 28 February, 6 pm.

Officiated by: Nafise Motlaq, Documentary Photographer and journalism , Senior lecturer at University Putra Malaysia

Graphic Design: Fatollah Marzban
anahitaghazanfari-blog-thestoryofroom-exhibitionposter-atelier-2016febmarch-620x1094The exhibition will be on display until Sunday 13March 2016

Gallery hours: Monday Friday 10am 6pm; Saturday 10am 2pm

Address: Unit 53-3, 3rd Floor, Block D, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya

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