Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World

2009 edition, image credit:


By Sarah Thornton

Illustrated. 274 pp. W. W. Norton & Company

Amazon link: Seven Days in the Art World

Goodreads link: Seven Days in the Art World

Sarah Thornton narrates her experience in pursuit of understanding each component of the art world, categorising this “symbolic economy” into 7 segments – The Auction, The Crit, The Fair, The Prize, The Magazine, The Studio Visit, The Bienale. Thornton analyses the dynamics of each role in an attempt to make sense of how they all fit together.


Summarised review:

Page turner? √√√√

Recommended? √√√√

  • An insightful view to the 7 perspectives  (identified by the author) of the art world
  • Suitable for those curious to understand and explore the world of art
  • Narrated as a first person so its easy for the reader to visualise her experiences which are told in a very candid and casual manner
  • The book is light on hard facts, which is not a bad thing as this is not meant to be an academic literature





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