CaR Picks #3 – Remembering (Naddia Zakaria)

"This artwork is about remembering the past of a person i used to know, who i was. Deep inside the person i used to be, sank into my fantasy. That person has led me to present reality of who i am now." ~ Naddia ZakariaNaddia Zakaria is an avid painter with formal education in Information … Continue reading CaR Picks #3 – Remembering (Naddia Zakaria)

CaR Picks #1 – Gelumang Falsafah (Raja Azeem Idzham)

Seeds of thoughts and ideas stem from nerves and branches weaving around each other like an unending ball of yarn with no beginning or end. This is life depicted by Raja Azeem Idzham in this intricate work about mankind's journey in life. The complexity of our minds, our actions, our search for meaning and reason … Continue reading CaR Picks #1 – Gelumang Falsafah (Raja Azeem Idzham)