Arts Residencies in Malaysia 2015

This update to Malaysia Art Residency comes timely as we continue to see heightened interest in Malaysia as a destination for artistic development. Perhaps it is the personal touch of art collectives that fuels grassroots initiatives; or the growing interest in art as culture and a lifestyle in general; it is probably also because Malaysian … Continue reading Arts Residencies in Malaysia 2015

Collaborative Workspaces in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the densely populated and expensive city has had to rethink the business of entrepreneurship. Some are addressing the issue of costs and space in a creative manner. In pursuit of living their entrepreneurial dreams, they are forging new community ties, bridging the gap between consumer and business owners and cultivating a new work … Continue reading Collaborative Workspaces in Hong Kong

Walk.Eat.Drink.ART – HK ArtWalk 2013.

 Thursday, 18 April 2013 4.30pm to 11.30pm • 70 Galleries • 23 Restaurants and Bars • 17 Artwalk Extras • HK Gallery Week Its ArtWalk night tomorrow - night of art exploration all over Hong Kong with a purpose. In its 13th year, this is probably the longest running art event that has sustained over … Continue reading Walk.Eat.Drink.ART – HK ArtWalk 2013.