Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat

Was it the pen or the imagination that is telling his stories? The ball-point pen is not commonly seen as a fine-art tool, but where applied to the arts, it carries with it literal drawings of landscapes, portraitures and objects. It also takes a person to be obsessed, if not partially eccentric to master the … Continue reading Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat

The Story of Rooms by Anahita Ghazanfari

It takes skill to fill an empty space; it takes soul to turn the space into a room; it takes heart to give the room a story. Anahita Ghazali’s creation of the Story of Rooms was by intuition, an expression of self and a subconscious reflection of a basic need – comfort. The need to … Continue reading The Story of Rooms by Anahita Ghazanfari