Presence at Artemis Art

Artemis Art concludes an eventful 2016 with a group exhibition featuring 10 Malaysian visual artists, a mix of young, emerging and established, who each look at life in their individual ways, presenting what they see and feel from their own perspective, in styles unique to each artist. Among the works on display is Ajim Juxta's … Continue reading Presence at Artemis Art


Known X Unknown – Eryn and Ajim

Known X Unknown presents 37 outstanding works completed by ERYN and Ajim Juxta during their time with sembilan from February - April 2015. The exhibition showcases the individual artist’s work of art and - most interestingly, two joint collaboration pieces. “Known Unknown” by ERYN alludes us to the mysteries of unknown creatures hidden within known objects … Continue reading Known X Unknown – Eryn and Ajim