Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat

Was it the pen or the imagination that is telling his stories? The ball-point pen is not commonly seen as a fine-art tool, but where applied to the arts, it carries with it literal drawings of landscapes, portraitures and objects. It also takes a person to be obsessed, if not partially eccentric to master the … Continue reading Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat


YEAH by Azam Aris – Of Herds and (in) Human

The endless repetition of similar images in minute sizes can give the viewers a meditative and hypnotic experience; that is what Azam partly attempts to achieve here – to transform the surface of his paintings into a space for meditation and reflection upon our lives. Azam’s repeated imagery may express all sorts of meanings and … Continue reading YEAH by Azam Aris – Of Herds and (in) Human

Arts Residencies in Malaysia 2015

This update to Malaysia Art Residency comes timely as we continue to see heightened interest in Malaysia as a destination for artistic development. Perhaps it is the personal touch of art collectives that fuels grassroots initiatives; or the growing interest in art as culture and a lifestyle in general; it is probably also because Malaysian … Continue reading Arts Residencies in Malaysia 2015