Jael Estrella – A globe trotting artist in Malaysia

Through sembilan Art Residency Program, Chalk and Raddy had the privilege to meet with and to forge a great friendship with Jael Estrella, a French artist who has made Malaysia her home. Jael has been an active advocate in supporting the local arts, through her works and her activities at the KL Art Studio in … Continue reading Jael Estrella – A globe trotting artist in Malaysia


CaR Picks #7

Find Arlequin Jaël Estrella Arlequin 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 40x32 inches Jael Estrella's symmetry work continues to impress, with her meticulous approach and amazing familiarity on the colour pallete. The story of Arlequin brings us back to her European roots where the arlequin (or Harlequin) plays a comedic role in society. Often seen as a … Continue reading CaR Picks #7