Stubborn Happish – Ken Tsoi's Solo Exhibition

Fishbowl, building blocks, swings and square shaped goldfish. In Ken Tsoi’s world, these are symbolic to the city dweller’s way of life in Hong Kong, representing the various characteristics that we should or should not have, and may or may not like. This solo exhibition, Stubborn Happish, is inspired by Zhuang Zi - the Chinese philosopher whose theory is that … Continue reading Stubborn Happish – Ken Tsoi's Solo Exhibition

Ken Tsoi

Ken Tsoi – a talented aspiring artist shares with us his journey so far, his hopes and opinions of the art world. With a product design background, Ken’s work has an illustrator’s touch to it, while maintaining to use traditional methods of water color, ink and markers. His first solo exhibition Stubborn Happish is currently … Continue reading Ken Tsoi