Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat

Was it the pen or the imagination that is telling his stories? The ball-point pen is not commonly seen as a fine-art tool, but where applied to the arts, it carries with it literal drawings of landscapes, portraitures and objects. It also takes a person to be obsessed, if not partially eccentric to master the … Continue reading Moral Compass by Syahbandi Samat

Jael Estrella – A globe trotting artist in Malaysia

Through sembilan Art Residency Program, Chalk and Raddy had the privilege to meet with and to forge a great friendship with Jael Estrella, a French artist who has made Malaysia her home. Jael has been an active advocate in supporting the local arts, through her works and her activities at the KL Art Studio in … Continue reading Jael Estrella – A globe trotting artist in Malaysia

M13 by Haffendi Anuar – About a City

 Embedded in M13 is  a poet’s calling - Charles Baudelaire, credited with coining the term "modernity" (modernité) to designate the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, and the responsibility art has to capture that experience has, advocated artists to flock to the city, the concentration of modernity and be inspired by contemporary … Continue reading M13 by Haffendi Anuar – About a City